Considered the “all-star” of the RotoMetrics Accu-Series flexible die solutions, The AccuStar™ UltraFilm™ is also backed by the speed, support, and reliability characteristic of all RotoMetrics flexible dies. The AccuStar® UltraFilm™ flexible die features the exacting precision tolerances required to convert the most challenging films and liners in today’s market.

Product Features

  • Industry leading precision backed by RotoMetrics human precision
  • All encompassing capabilities
  • Engineered for quick production
  • Same day shipping available

Product Applications

  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • Thin Film/Liners
  • No-look Labels
  • In-mold Labels
  • Re-sealable Packaging

Processed Materials

  • Film
  • Laminated Paper
  • Paper

Markets For Use

Product availability may vary by region. Contact your sales representative for additional details.

  • Face: Film, Paper, Laminated Paper
  • Liner: All, including .00092” and 00075” (23 and 19 micron) PET liners
  • Blade Angle: 60º / 75º / Special
  • Default Treatment: Chrome
  • Laser Hardening: Optional (Chrome and FlexPlus only)
  • Cut Types: All
  • Non-Stick Coating: Yes
  • Special shapes
  • Multi-level
  • Tall plate height
  • Metal-to-metal
  • Laser hardening
  • Non-stick and longevity coatings are available
  • FlexPlus and Flex Premiere longevity coatings

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