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RotoMetrics has an outstanding reputation for design, engineering, innovation best-in-class, and industry leading products and our print cylinders and sleeves are no different. We manufacture all of our own printing solutions to exact OEM requirements in order to optimize accuracy, consistency, and longevity of any print cylinder or print sleeve on the market. This now includes the addition of our own fully integrated Anodizing line allowing us to ensure an optimal surface protection that is stronger than the competition. With a variety of different options to choose from, a RotoMetrics customer service representative can guide you to the perfect solution and meet your unique needs.

RotoGuard™ XT Print Cylinders

RotoGuard™ XT Print Cylinders

Exclusive Anodized coating with an enhanced formation on surface to protect from scratches and corrosion.


  • Engineered with a proprietary coating of carbide hardened steel
  • The strongest coating and hardness on the market
  • Available with ground gears for superior print quality

RotoGuard™ Print Cylinders

Now anodized in-house for greater surface protection and increase life


  • Manufactured to RotoMetrics exacting requirements
  • Minimizes scratches and corrosion though added surface protection
  • Black coating ensures consistency and increased longevity
  • Anodized in-house to control quality and speed

Standard Print Cylinders

Incredible speed and maintenance-free performance at a great value


  • Manufactured to RotoMetrics exacting requirements
  • Fastest turnaround times
  • The most economic of RotoMetrics’ print cylinder solutions

NEW AccuPrint™ EC Sleeves

Most stable composite sleeve offering repeat performance


  • Manufactured using unique layering system of highly stable materials
  • Enhanced composite offers maximum sleeve life
  • Built specifically for the narrow web market

AccuPrint™ Sleeves

rotometrics accu print sleeve

Maximized durability and unmatched registration accuracy and tolerances


  • Lightweight aluminum print sleeve
  • Long-lasting, consistent registration accuracy at high speeds
  • Suitable for all printing plate thicknesses and adhesive tapes

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